how to seal a leaky pipe

5 Steps to Repair an Active Pipe Leaks

Introduction: Pipe erosion happens routinely and complete wall loss of pipe or through-crevice flaws are a general occasion at various spots. In the Oil & Gas and Offshore industry where burnable gasses are accessible, it is imperative to modify these types of pipe leaks and pipe blemishes with cold curing repair. This is because hot […]

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How to Repair Pipe Leaks Without Hot Works.

  Introduction   Pipe corrosion happens regularly and complete wall loss of pipe or through-gap imperfections are a general event at numerous places. In the Oil & Gas and Offshore industry where combustible gasses are available, it is important to alter these sorts of pipe leaks and pipe imperfections with cold curing repair. This is […]

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How to Extend Service Life of Corroded Pipes by 20 Years?

Introduction If put unattended, inordinate outer and inner erosion, corrosion, disintegration, scraped spot, marks and breaks can all conceivably prompt catastrophes. These pipeline deformities when unattended can bring about costly and conceivably fatal results to resource proprietors and machineries administrators. Hence, these pipeline imperfections are obliged to suitable repairs or substitutions, contingent upon the seriousness […]

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How to repair GRE Pipe Leak in 5 Steps?

GRE (Glass Reinforced Epoxy) / GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) / FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) Pipes have high mechanical strength; however the material tends to be brittle and will weaken under strong impact. Leak will start to occur when the GRE/GRP/FRP piping system is subjected to heavy vibrations. Performing GRE/GRP/FRP pipe leak repairs for small diameters […]

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Composite repair for pipe corrosion and leaks

Composite repairs are gaining popularity and acceptance worldwide among asset owners and operators. Composite repair methods and procedure are guided international engineering standards and provide an engineered, proven and durable solution to non-metallic pipe repair works.Components of composite repair materials generally comprise of filler rebuilding material, resin component and reinforcement layered sheet. Filler rebuilding materials […]

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