Composite repair

Effective Use of Composite Wrapping and its Repair Techniques

Introduction The use of composite materials for the repair of carbon steel pipework has been originally designed in accordance with ASME/ANSI B31.3: Chemical Plant and Petroleum Refinery Piping. The use of composite materials for the repair of pipework covers the following circumstances: ■   external corrosion only (no leakage and structural integrity needs to be […]

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Checking Surface Profile before Composite Repair of Pipeline

Introduction After the pipe surface has been prepared according to the required standards; the pipeline surface profile should be measured to ensure that the roughness meets requirement before commencing of composite repair of affected pipeline.         Surface Profile Measurement of Prepared Surface The type and size of the abrasive used in blast […]

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Composite repair for pipe corrosion and leaks

Composite repairs are gaining popularity and acceptance worldwide among asset owners and operators. Composite repair methods and procedure are guided international engineering standards and provide an engineered, proven and durable solution to non-metallic pipe repair works.Components of composite repair materials generally comprise of filler rebuilding material, resin component and reinforcement layered sheet. Filler rebuilding materials […]

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