SealXpert Smoke Detector Tester

 SPSDT 169x300 - Smoke Detector Tester

SealXpert Smoke Detector Tester is specially designed for the testing of both photoelectric and ionization smoke detectors. SealXpert Smoke Detector Tester is safe and easy to use. It is silicone free and does not contaminate the detectors because the spray evaporates without leaving residues.

SealXpert Smoke Detector Tester can be used in industrial plants, public facilities or private residences.

Why You Need A Smoke Detector Tester

Smoke detectors installed in fire alarm and safety systems need to be regularly tested to ensure that they work properly and respond promptly during any actual fire situation.

The Smoke Detector Tester is specially formulated to simulate the smoke activation of both photoelectric and ionization smoke detectors. The formulation of aerosol particles simulates smoke during fire conditions, so that we can know that the fire alarm system will similarly respond promptly during actual fire.

Smoke detector spray helps to perform functional test without agglutinating electronic devices. This ensures that the operation of the detector is not disturbed. The spray does not contain any solid substances and leaves no residue after evaporation. Therefore, the function of the device will not be affected.

How to use our SealXpert Smoke Detector Testers

  1. Shake the spray can thoroughly before use.
  2. Block any strong airflow from nearby air-vent or ventilation equipment that may affect the spray towards the detector.
  3. Spray SealXpert Smoke Detector Tester on the vents or side of the detector for 5 seconds with an ideal distance of 30cm to 60cm.
  4. The alarm status should be activated within 1 to 10 seconds if the detector functions properly.
  5. If there is no response, repeat the test.
  6. If the detector has built-in delay circuit, it may be necessary to spray 1 or 2 more times to activate the alarm.
  7. If there is still no response after repeated tests, the smoke detector should be replaced.