Silicone Grease

Silicone grease is a waterproof grease that is made using a combination of silicone oil and a thickener. This is different from most other greases that are made from synthetic or petroleum oils that are thickened with soaps. Silicone greases are unique and useful as an industrial grease since they can support temperatures in the range – 40 to 390° F under various load and pressure conditions. They are also reliable for electrical connections, are waterproof and also free from any harmful or flammable petrochemicals. Mostly the silicone oil used is polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) and the thickener used along with it is amorphous fumed silica. The components may vary depending on the industry it is used in and the use therein.

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Silicone Grease


Silicone grease is used for lubrication and preservation of rubber parts in many industries. It works well in all conditions that required thicker lubricant that is corrosion and rust resistant. It is better as a separator between two moving parts rather than a mere lubricator. You will find silicon grease being used widely in the plumbing industry as well as the dental equipment sector. In the electrical industry, silicone grease is used wherein high temperatures come into picture as these can handle that.

In the chemical industry, silicon grease is used widely in the manufacture of laboratory glassware as a sealant and an interconnecting lubricant. The ordinary consumer applications where this is used are circumstances wherein the normal petroleum jelly may prove harmful. For example, this is used in lubricating latex rubber condoms, dry suit gaskets, fountain pen filling mechanisms and threads, waterproof watches and cameras, submersible flashlights, air rifles, diving and spearfishing equipment, and even many household items like door hinges, threads on bolts, shower heads and hoses etc. In fact, it is low cost and easily available and that is the reason why you find it being used in many everyday applications like even children’s toys.

Where to get it?

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