BrightMax Air Duster

XPAD Air duster 300x300 - AIR DUSTER

BrightMax Air Duster designed for the safe removal of dust and particles from very delicate or inaccessible areas of electrical and electronic equipment.

BrightMax Air Duster is ideal when the surface to be cleaned reacts negatively to traditional liquid cleansers or when access to the space to be cleaned is difficult. The propellant is delivered with enough force to remove dust and debris without damaging sensitive equipment. BrighMax Air Duster comes with an extension straw to better focus the spray in hard-to-reach areas. Applications include removal of dust and other debris from computer equipment, keyboards, circuit boards, non-energized machinery, switches, auto detailing, etc.

Features of BrightMax Air Duster

  • BrightMax Air Duster easily and very effectively removes dirt and dust, including the most hidden parts.
    • ✓ Removes embedded debris without damaging sensitive components or surface finish.
  • • Safe to use on electronics
    • ✓ Ideal for printed circuit boards (PCBs), keyboards, optics, printers, etc.
  • • Non-abrasive
    • ✓ BrightMax Air Duster is non-abrasive and non-reactive, making it safe for use in the most delicate instruments and sensitive electronic devices.
  • • Non-corrosive
    • ✓ This environmentally friendly Air Duster is non-corrosive and will not damage circuits or electronic components.
  • • Moisture free
    • ✓ Our Air Duster is guaranteed moisture-free and has an ozone-safe design to ensure safe use.
  • • Leaves no residue
    • ✓ No need to wipe the surface after each use.
XPAD 1 225x300 - AIR DUSTER

Applications of BrightMax Air Duster

  • • BrightMax Air Duster is suitable for instant cleaning of inaccessible areas or where the use of solvents is not desirable.
  • • BrightMax Air Duster is suitable for electronic and electrical components, such as:
    • ○ Keyboards
    • ○ Laptops
    • ○ Computers
    • ○ Printers
    • ○ Cameras
    • ○ Telephones
    • ○ Car dashboard and center console
    • ○ Photo scanners

    Why you should use Air Duster?

    Depending on the environment in which computers and other electronic devices are placed, they may attract different type of dust and dirt particles in their components, especially keyboards.If your computer runs slowly or makes a lot of noise when trying to work, the problem may be dust.

    Dust particles that build up on any component will raise the temperature. If left unchecked, this can lead to overheating and cause failure of these components, especially fans. Therefore, it is very important to keep the computer clean inside and outside to extend the service life of the components.

    XPAD 2 300x199 - AIR DUSTER

    How to safely use Air Duster?

    1. 1. Before you start cleaning the computer, be sure to turn it off, and unplug the power plug to cut off the power supply.
    2. 2. Use the computer’s user manual to learn how to open the chassis. When opening the computer, avoid touching its components and keep your fingers away from cards and wires.
    3. 3. Spray according to the instructions on the Air Duster.
    4. 4. In order to obtain the best force from a can of Air Duster, spray briefly at room temperature for about 3 to 5 seconds. Too long spraying time or continuous spraying will lead to cooling of cans. The reduction of the temperature of the can also reduce the internal pressure of the can, which will greatly reduce the force generated.
    5. 5. Spray the fans, front vents, CPU radiators, graphics card radiators, heat sinks and rear vents carefully.
    6. 6. Close the computer’s chassis and restart the computer.

    Safe Handling when using Air Duster

    Please use BrightMax Air Duster in a well-ventilated area. The gas in the aerosol cans is actually a liquefied gas chemical which is harmful to the heart, lungs and brain and should not be inhaled. Inhalation of the fumes from Air Duster may have psychoactive effects, produce a very brief but euphoric high and side effects such as hallucinations and dizziness. Inhaling too much of these vapors can cause negative health effects.

    Please wear appropriate safety equipment (e.g: goggles, gloves) when using Air Duster. Skin contact with propellant gas can cause mild frostbite and should be avoided.

    BrightMax Air Duster doesn’t harm the ozone layer

    BrightMax Air duster is a CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons) free aerosol product. It is environmentally safe and does not deplete the ozone layer.

    Global warming has become a serious problem, and ozone layer depletion is considered a global environmental problem caused by fluorocarbons. In order to protect the ozone layer and prevent climate change, we have the option to purchase Fluorocarbon-free products.

    Tutorial Video on How to Use BrightMax Air Duster